Georgetown Player Directory

Players By Graduating Class

Georgetown basketball has long prided itself on the graduation rates of its players. As far back as the mid-1980's, the progam cited that all but two of its four-year lettermen under John Thompson had graduated. Below is a list of scholarship players that completed their degree work.

This list is under much more research. Additions and corrections are welcome.


Class of 1956
Joe Bolger
Don Morchower
Don Furth
Jack Walsh

Class of 1957
Warren Buehler
Ray Mazza
Joe Missett
Dick Percudani
Ken Rode
Dale Seymour
Dale Smith
Richard Wagner
Matt White

Class of 1958
John Clark
Leo Phillips
Ken Pichette
Joe Titus

Class of 1959
Jim Oravec
Leo Phillips
Randolph Schmeling

Class of 1960
Ed Hargaden Jr.
Tom McCloskey
Dick Razzetti

Class of 1961
Tom Coleman
Tom Fitzpatrick
Tom Matan
Ray Ohlmuller
John Philbin
Brian Sheehan

Class of 1962
Jim Carrino
Jay Force
Tom O'Dea
John Kraljic
Bob Sharpenter
Dan Slattery
Paul Tagliabue
Vince Wolfington

Class of 1963
Ed Lopata

Class of 1964
Jim Christy
Chuck Devlin
Buddy O'Donnell

Class of 1965
Joe Franz
John Prendergast

Class of 1966
Jim Barry
Jim Brown
Tom Carroll
Jake Gibbons
Dave Philbin
Ed Solano

Class of 1967
Neil Heskin
Frank Hollendoner
Jim Lyddy
Pete Michell
Steve Sullivan

Class of 1968
Dennis Cesar
Bruce Stinebrickner

Class of 1969
Rick Cannon
Jim Supple
Bernie White

Class of 1970
Charlie Adrion
Paul Favorite
Pete George
Jim Higgins
Jerry Pyles
Bill Stewart

Class of 1971
Bob Hannan
Bill McGarrity
Ed McNamara
Tim Mercier
Don Weber
Dick Zeitler

Class of 1972
Andy Gill
Mike Laughna
Mark Mitchell
Art White

Class of 1973
Mark Edwards
Mike Geoghegan
Tom McBride

Class of 1974
Tom Dooley
Vince Fletcher
Rick Kentz
Tim Lambour
Paul Robinson
Don Willis

Class of 1975

Class of 1976
Greg Brooks
Mark Gallagher
Aaron Long
Bill Lynn
Jonathan Smith
Bill Thomas
Merlin Wilson

Class of 1977
Larry Long
Mike MacDermott

Class of 1978
Craig Esherick
Ed Hopkins
Derrick Jackson
Mike Riley
Felix Yeoman

Class of 1979
Steve Martin
Tom Scates

Class of 1980
John Duren
Lonnie Duren
Al Dutch
Terry Fenlon

Class of 1981
Mike Frazier

Class of 1982
Ron Blaylock
Jeff Bullis
Eric Floyd
Mike Hancock
Eric Smith

Class of 1983
David Blue
Kurt Kaull

Class of 1984
Fred Brown
Gene Smith

Class of 1985
Ralph Dalton
Patrick Ewing
Bill Martin

Class of 1986
Horace Broadnax
Michael Jackson
David Wingate

Class of 1987
Reggie Williams

Class of 1988
Ben Gillery
Ronnie Highsmith
Perry McDonald

Class of 1989
Johnathan Edwards
Jaren Jackson
Charles Smith
Bobby Winston

Class of 1990
Anthony Allen
Dwayne Bryant
Sam Jefferson
Johnny Jones
Mark Tillmon

Class of 1991
Dikembe Mutombo

Class of 1992
Brian Kelly
Alonzo Mourning
Ronny Thompson

Class of 1993

Class of 1994
Vladimir Bosanac
Joey Brown
Robert Churchwell
Lamont Morgan

Class of 1995
Irvin Church
John Jacques
Kevin Millen
Don Reid

Class of 1996
Othella Harrington
Jerome Williams

Class of 1997
Cheikh Dia
Godwin Owinje

Class of 1998
Boubacar Aw
Jahidi White

Class of 1999
Daymond Jackson
Victor Page
Joseph Touomou
Jameel Watkins

Class of 2000
Rhese Gibson
Trez Kilpatrick

Class of 2001
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje
Nat Burton
Anthony Perry
Lee Scruggs

Class of 2002

Class of 2003
Victor Samnick
Wesley Wilson

Class of 2004
Omari Faulkner
Courtland Freeman
Gerald Riley

Class of 2005

Class of 2006
Brandon Bowman
Ashanti Cook
Darrel Owens

Class of 2007
Sead Dizdarevic

Class of 2008
Tyler Crawford
Patrick Ewing, Jr.
Jeff Green
Roy Hibbert
Jonathan Wallace

Class of 2009
Jessie Sapp

Class of 2010

Class of 2011
Austin Freeman
Chris Wright
Julian Vaughn

Class of 2012
Jason Clark
Henry Sims

Class of 2013

Class of 2014
Moses Ayegba
Aaron Bowen
John Caprio
Nate Lubick
Markel Starks

Class of 2015
Tyler Adams
Mikael Hopkins
Jabril Trawick

Class of 2016
D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera

Who were the two players that, prior to 1982, did not receive a degree? One of the two is Craig Shelton (1976-80), but the other one has not been identified. In the intervening years, it appears that Kevin Braswell (1998-2002) and Josh Smith (2013-15) also left school without a degree.