Extended content on the history of Georgetown Hoyas basketball (most features debuting in 2017).
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The Early Years

The founding seasons of basketball at Georgetown.

Believe It, Or Not

The story of the 1942-43 NCAA finalist team.

The Pioneer

Georgetown's first black player, and why it took so long to integrate GU basketball.

The Builders

Frank Rienzo and the team that built GU Athletics.

Taking A Stand

Proposition 42 and John Thompson's clarion call.

Recruiting Classes

The top recruits of four coaching eras.

Sports Information Directors

The names behind the news.

The Top 100, 2007

Biographies on the top players in Georgetown basketball history.

Reclaiming the Birthright

How Georgetown formed the Big East, and how it saved it.

One Night In Beijing

The Chinese Red Army wasn't interested in losing to a college team. They made sure of it.

From Kinshasa To Springfield

Dikembe Mutombo's remarkable basketball journey.

Opportunities Lost

At 21, Victor Page was an NBA prospect. At 42, he sits in jail.