Over the years, a number of nicknames have been a part of Georgetown basketball. Here's a list of the nicknames and the players attributed to them.

Note: Nicknames that were later popularized when a player was in the NBA (e.g., "Zo", "The Answer", etc.) are not included.

Nickname Belonging To... 
Al Italo Ablondi (1948-50) 
Ba Ba John Duren (1976-80) 
Big Sky Craig Shelton (1976-80)
Boo Jim Barry (1962-66) 
Buck Dale Seymour (1954-57)
Buddy  Charles O' Donnell (1961-64) 
Buddy Francis O'Grady (1939-42)
Cheese Alonzo Holloway (1973-74)
Chico Irvin Church (1991-95)
Chief Ray Corley (1946-49) 
Chops James Reed (1994-96)
Dean Ed Lopata (1960-63)
Dino Don Martin (1939-42)
Dubber Carroll Shore (1936-37)
Hollywood Ron Lyons (1971-73)
Hollywood Hollis Thompson (2009-12)
King Harry Kelly (1912-16)
Max Randolph Schmeling (1956-58)
Miggs James Reilly (1942-47)
Puddy Brian Sheehan (1958-61)
Red John McGuinness (1945-46) 
Reds Francis Daly (1937-40) 
Rebel Marvin Ritch (1911-12)
Roy Ronayne Waldron (1911-14)
Sleepy Eric Floyd (1978-82) 
Snake Bob Hannan (1968-71) 
Stretch Sylvester Goedde (1942-43)
Tay Octavius Spann (2005-07)
Tony Brooke Beyer (1945-46)
Tug James Fury (1911-12) 
Vadi Elvado Smith (1981-83)
Vee Vincent Sanford (2009-11) 
Ya-Ya Cheikh Dia (1993-97) 
Ziggie Dick Zeitler (1968-71)