History & Tradition: All-Century Teams

1907 through 2007.

On Feb. 10, 2007, results were announced from an online poll to select a 25 man All-Century team for the first 100 years of Georgetown Basketball. The team is listed below.

(Note: The All-Century list is separate from the Top 100 List posted at this site.)

The All-Century team, front row: Charles Smith, Fred Brown, Eric Floyd, Derrick Jackson, Craig Shelton, Brian Sheehan, Dan Kraus, Tom O'Keefe, Jim Christy, Jim Barry, Jim Brown, Michael Jackson, Reggie Williams, John Duren. Top row: Charlie Adrion, Patrick Ewing. (Photo by Dan McQuillen)

In addition, the centennial group named an additional number of players to the All Century team as honorable mention recipients, based on fan support in the online poll. Congratulations also go to the following:

Fred Rice (1907-10)
Don Dutton (1927-30)
Fred Mesmer (1927-30)
Joe Murphy (1936-39)
Buddy O'Grady (1939-42)
John Mahnken (1942-43)
Andy Kostecka (1942-43; 1946-48)
Barry Sullivan (1950-52)
Lou Gigante (1951-54)
Joe Missett (1954-57)
Paul Tagliabue (1959-62)
Steve Sullivan (1964-67)
Mike Laughna (1969-72)
Jon Smith (1972-76)
Merlin Wilson (1972-76)
Eric Smith (1978-82)
Bill Martin (1981-85)
Mark Tillmon (1986-90)
Jerome Williams (1994-96)
Kevin Braswell (1998-02)